Guest / tourist visa

To obtain a Russian tourist visa the following documents should be submitted to the Consular Section:

  1. A valid passport which should have at least 2 clear pages and be valid for at least 6 month prior to the expiry date of the required visa.
  2. A filled-in visa application form signed personally by the applicant.
  3. One professional photo 1 3/8' x 1 3/4' (35mm x 45mm) of the applicant with no headgear or sunglasses.
  4. Official letter of invitation (in case of Guest visa). As of November 1st, 2002 all Invitations to Russia are now issued by the Ministry of Interior and its Passport and Visa departments upon the application of companies or organizations or private persons you are going to visit. The letter must have the official seal and legal address of the agency, signature and name of the authorized person, name of the applicant in Russian and in English, date and place of birth, gender, citizenship, country of residence, passport number and date of issue, purpose of visit, dates of travel into and out of Russia, places to be visited in Russia, name and address of the inviting organization in Russia or the name of the person who invites you with his or her residential address, period of the validity of the invitation. The Embassy reserves the right to request the original invitation but photocopies of invitations for single-entry or double-entry visas are accepted. Invitation for multi-entry visas for private visas must be original and no photocopies are accepted
  5. Tourist documentsproving the reception of the tourist and a tourist voucher (in case of Tourist visa). Your relatives or friends (Russian citizens) should provide you with an official letter of invitation bearing your personal data and registered with a local office of the Russian Interior Ministry. If you wish to visit your friends or relatives (foreign citizens) who are currently working or studying in Russia they should obtain an official letter of invitation from the Russian hosting organization (see 4a point). Please, note that a hotel booking confirmation is not considered as an official invitation.
  6. Medical insurance for the whole period of staying in Russia .

The duration of the Russian tourist visa cannot be longer than 30 days.

When entering Russia as a tourist, at the border check point you may be also required to present the copies of your tourist confirmation, hotel voucher and your return ticket with a fixed date of departure from Russia as well as evidence of your ability to support yourself financially during the travel.